A recognition that goes beyond pride

A recognition that goes beyond pride

This week will be forever marked in our history. On June 20, we received the prize for “The company or initiative of the year” at the prestigious Gala des Lauriers de la gastronomy. The mission of this event is to promote Quebec gastronomy on a local, national and international scale by crowning what the industry considers to be its best actors.

For us, this represents not only recognition for all the work accomplished as a team, but above all confirmation that our mission leaves an indelible mark on the gastronomic landscape of Quebec. Through food, we create bridges between Syrian culture and local culture in order to create a diverse and inclusive gourmet community.

“A hand alone cannot applaud”, Adelle's favorite Arabic proverb which describes well our gratitude to the entire Fattoush Girls team (old and new), our collaborators and our customers, who from the beginning have believed in us. and who wanted to participate in this great mission. Congratulations also to all the nominees and winners of the evening, you all deserved a prize.

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