My memories through my kitchen

My memories through my kitchen

The moments we spend at the table, eating, toasting, chatting, laughing or celebrating small or big occasions are for me the most precious and create the most memorable memories. The art of entertaining and the sense of hospitality – not to mention the pleasure of cooking – was instilled in me early in childhood, and I still put them into practice today whenever I invite people into my home. .

People often ask me how I manage to plan a menu, shop for groceries and prepare enough dishes to feed a house full of guests, and the answer is simple: it's my passion. I want it to be felt, seen and tasted in every dish, in every bite.

 I also do it to honor my mother Joséphine, alongside whom I spent so many hours in the kitchen. For Syrians, the grandmother is central in the family: I had the chance (as well as her 22 other grandchildren!) to meet mine on a daily basis, to listen to her tell her stories, her secrets and his love of cooking. She left us in 2021, and I will cherish her legacy for the rest of my life. Along with my mother, Lila, she is the source of who I am today and everything I do. I owe a lot to these two women.

 It is therefore through my second recipe book that I invite you into my memories and to my table, with my children, my family, my friends.

Yalla, everyone at the table!

By: Adelle Tarzibachi



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